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Capital Campaign

RCHS is excited to share some additional information about our Capital Campaign. The campaign presents an opportunity to transform our school into a state-of-the-art institution that will benefit both students and staff. We are currently in the preparation phase of the campaign and are looking forward to seeing our community come together in support of our school through prayer and generosity. With the success of the capital campaign, we will be able to offer improved facilities and programs to enhance the learning experience of our students. We will continue to keep our community informed and updated on the progress of the campaign.

RCHS Capital Campaign Preview


RCHS moving forward with Capital Campaign 

RCHS is in the early stages of the campaign preparation phase that is scheduled to occur over the next two to three months. Key tasks being conducted during this phase include recruiting volunteers, formulating campaign materials and identifying all donor prospects. We are excited to share our campaign theme - Pride In Our Future.

Roncalli Catholic High School is a unique place, and in August began the process of taking the school to the next level. RCHS teamed with Steier Group in late September to launch a capital campaign with the goal of making the RCHS campus even better.

President Sean Keisling, school leadership and the RCHS Board of Directors are committed to providing its staff and students with all the resources necessary to be successful everyday. Committing to the capital campaign is a key step toward making sure that happens.

The process started with a feasibility study and an online survey to effectively engage the RCHS community. The study identified three specific needs.

  • Renovation of Science Lab Classrooms.
  • Renovate/Update the Student Services Center.
  • Turf football field and resurface track.

Follow the link to review the results of the feasibility study:

Feasibility Study Results