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As guides, we will help students face real-world challenges so they can persevere – with mental and moral strength – setting them on the right path to learn, grow and thrive in a diverse world
Challenge, Excellence, and Tradition: Those three words exemplify Roncalli Catholic activities. At Roncalli we challenge our students to become involved and want them to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to them at Roncalli Catholic.

Once our students become involved we demand excellence in every extra- curricular activity. Roncalli has the philosophy that extra-curricular activities are a privilege not a right. Because of this philosophy we instill that excellence is expected. Finally, Roncalli Catholic has created a respected tradition across the state. Roncalli Catholic competes in the River Cities Conference, the most successful conference in the state of Nebraska. Tradition has been established and will continue through hard work, top facilities and excellent leaders.

This activities section will provide information concerning sports and activities. You will find schedules, updates and valuable information for each activity offered at Roncalli Catholic. For further information contact the activities office at 402-571-7670.

Welcome to the Crimson Pride!

Athletic Teams 

Junior Pride

The mission of the Junior Pride Association is to offer all, who are eligible, the opportunity to participate in sponsored programs.

  • Participation, in the athletic events, is to be considered primary.
  • Competition and winning are by-products of participation and are secondary.
  • Participation, complete honesty and fair play, demonstrated by coaches of unquestionable Christian and moral character provide youth with direction to grow in the image of Christ.



2023/24 Athletic Calendar

There are no events to display