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The Benilde Program

THE BENILDE PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY: To teach students how they best learn so they become successful students 

Starting in the fall semester of 2017, Roncalli Catholic instituted the Benilde Program, which provides daily academic support for students who are able to cognitively adhere to a college preparatory curriculum, but may have educational needs that can make it difficult for them to achieve their full potential on their own.

The philosophy of the Benilde Program is that students attend the same classes, participate in the same clubs and extra-curricular activities and meet the same requirements as their peers. To help them succeed, the Benilde instructor will promote academic and self-advocacy skills, which will increase the probability of success. The students involved in the Benilde Program are successful because they attend a core class over the summer to lighten their academic workload, may take classes out of sequence, attend a daily Benilde class, learn advanced study skills, test-taking techniques, and other strategies for maximizing academic success. The ultimate goal of the Benilde Program is to teach each student how they best learn so that they are successful in college and beyond.