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Grading & Requirements


Letter Grade Percentage Range GPA Honors AP/Dual Credit

93 – 100%

4.0 +.2 +.5

89 – 92%

3.5 +.2 +.5
B 85 – 88% 3.0 +.2 +.5
C+ 81 – 84% 2.5
C 77 – 80% 2.0
D+ 74 – 76% 1.5
D 70 – 73% 1.0
F 69% or Less 0.0


Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements for RCHS provide our students with a strong background in the core curriculum areas, along with broad study and experience in theology. The requirements are consistent with our mission statement. In order to graduate from RCHS, a student must fulfill a minimum of the following requirements:

Subject Credits Notes
Religion 16 (4 Years)
English 16 (4 Years)
Math 12 (3 Years)
Science 12 (3 Years)
Social Studies 12 Must include 1 semester of Government and 1 semester of Economics/Personal Finance
World Languages 8 Students who are unable to fulfill this requirement may substitute credits from other content areas.
Technology 2 All students take one semester of Technology Applications.
Physical Ed 2  
Arts 2  
Health 2  
Electives 18  


Honors and High Honors

High Honors and Honors Lists will be posted at the end of each semester. Honorable Recognition requires a 3.0 grade point or greater for the semester.
● Honor Roll requires a 3.5 grade point average or above.
● High Honor Roll requires a grade point of 3.75 or above.


Roncalli Catholic High School, established in 1974, is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Roncalli Catholic High School is also accredited by the State of Nebraska Department of Education and is on the list of Class A accredited schools as established by the members of the State Accreditation Committee. In addition, Roncalli Catholic High School is a member in good standing of the Secondary School Department of the National Catholic Education Association.